Our Growers

Our Growers are the backbone of our operation and the inspiration behind our daily work. Each member of the Grower Direct team understands how much time, effort and energy our growers put into the field every day and we work hard to ensure that we give them that much dedication in return. We would like to introduce you to a few of our growers that bring us highest quality product to deliver to you. 
The Gotelli family emigrated from Italy in the early 1900's to settle and plant cherries along the Calaveras River in California. The company started as Oneto-Gotelli Company and has been in the cherry packing business for over 60 years and the "O-G" brand has became synonymous with California cherries.  Our business is family owned and operated, and represents four generations of experience in the California and international fruit business with a clear specialization in sweet cherries, blueberries, and apricots.

Gogna Farms

Angelina Gogna planted her first cherry orchard in Linden, California in 1940.  She then passed down the ranch to her son Vernon Gogna, who started Vernon G. Gogna Farms.  Vernons son Dennis now runs the family business along with his son, Devin, and nephew Eric.  The Gogna family expanded their business and is partners with OG Packing and OG Nut Company.  When they are not farming you can find Dennis and his family spending countless hours volunteering in the community. 

Andare Farms

Growing food for people is a very personal business.  We take our relationships very seriously and are proud of the growers that we represent.  One of the best and most respected relationships is also one of the oldest. Andare Farms, founded by Duke Leffler in the late 60's is one of our longest standing grower families. Duke and his sons, Ron and Lance, grow cherries for us from Bakersfield to Lodi and are one of the first growers to have arrived at OG Packing. 

Scott Marshall

Growing Rainier Cherries may be one of the  most difficult agricultural crops to raise in California.  These mouth-watering, sweet and juicy fruits are quite finicky and subject to all of the quills of Mother Nature.  The odds change daily, even hourly, with every shift in temperature, gust of wind or downpour of rain.  If the temperature reaches 90 degrees, the cherry loses a day of life.  If the wind blows too hard, hte cherry bruises from rubbing against another cherry. If it rains more than a day, the cherry busts its skin.  Our California based Rainier grower, Scott Marshall is one of the best in the business.  With a horticulture degree from Fresno State University, Scott purchased his Uncle's Rainier orchard and has quickly made it into one of the finest blocks of Rainiers' to come out of California.  Every retailer anticipates the arrival of these fruits and Scott delivers. 

Cooper Out West

For more than 100 years, the Peters family has been farming in California.  If you ask the family, it takes about that long to learn how to urge the best flavor and taste from the sun, down through the soil, up to the tips of each tree and into each delicious cherry harvested. Bud Peters and his family have learned new techniques, and passed them down to increasingly quality and sustainability of the land.  Bud's son Rod and granddaughter Dawn Price, the 5th generation to till the California soil, are continuing the tradition and preparing for future generations of Peters to farm in California.

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El Boldo

We are a company dedicated to growing, harvesting and exporting the finest produce in Chile. 
We have completely upgraded our facilities in Yungay a  province of Ñuble in Bío-Bío Region.  With our dedication to quality products and advancement in technology we are able to deliver high quality blueberries on every order. 


For more than 40 years we have been growing quality Cherries in Chile and  exporting them around the world.  Each year we continue to grow, plant and generate new ways to bring high quality produce to market.  Technological advancements have allowed us to increase the quality that we deliver to our customers.  We are proud of the quality we are able to deliver to you and look forward to exceeding your expectations. 

Western Sweet Cherries

Denny Hayden

Hayden Farms - Hayden Farms in Pasco, Washignton is the prodcer of the finest Rainier Cherries in the World.  Denny Hayden has a passion for producing excellent cherries.  Hayden Farms produces both Rainier and several varieties of Red Cherries including, Bing, Chelan and Sweetheart.  

Bob Harris

Harris Farms - Harris Farms in Yakima, Washington is one the premium Cherry Growers in the Northewest. Every Year Bob Harris, his son John and their team workd hard to ensure thaty grow and pack premium Cherries for our Customers.


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